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The following papers are (some of) the latest production of members of the mathematics department at Florida State University. The papers will be replaced by or complemented with a journal reference, and a BibTeX entry when available, after they appear in print--provided the authors are kind enough to inform us. Please note that authors are responsible for ensuring that posting their papers on this page does not infringe on the copyright agreements with the publishers of the journals where the papers (eventually) appear. Documents available from this page may be protected under the U.S. and Foreign Copyright Laws; permission to reproduce may be required.

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Recent (and not so recent) papers

The papers are listed in reverse chronological order. Click "abs" to see the abstract of the paper (if provided); click "ps" or "pdf" to view the actual paper, or "ref" (when provided) for the journal reference. Click on the author's name to go to the author's home page. And here is a link to many other eprint sources. Enjoy!

  • [abs, pdf] FSU19-12:
  • Thin subgroups isomorphic to Gromov-Piateski-Shapiro lattices,

    Samuel A. Ballas, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU19-11:
  • Local deformations of branched projective structures: Schiffer variations and the Teichmüller map,

    Stefano Francaviglia, Lorenzo Ruffoni, 29 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU19-10:
  • Continuous limits of random walks over point processes and self-excited Black-Scholes models,

    Alec Kercheval, Navid Salehy, Nima Salehy, 30 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU19-09:
  • Ergodicity of partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms in hyperbolic 3-manifolds,

    Sergio Fenley, Rafael Potrie, 40 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU19-08:
  • Partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms homotopic to the identity in dimension 3,

    Thomas Barthelme, Sergio Fenley, Steven Frankel, Rafael Potrie, 111 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU19-07:
  • Endperiodic automorphisms of surfaces and foliations,

    John Cantwell, Lawrence Conlon, Sergio Fenley, 140 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU19-06:
  • Motivic Chern Classes of Schubert cells, Hecke algebras, and applications to Casselman's problem,

    Paolo Aluffi, Leonardo C. Mihalcea, Jörg Schürmann, Changjian Su, 44 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU19-05:
  • Positivity of Segre-MacPherson classes,

    Paolo Aluffi, Leonardo C. Mihalcea, Jörg Schürmann, Changjian Su, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU19-04:
  • Where to Look and How to Look: Combining Global Sensitivity Analysis with Fast/Slow Analysis to Study Multi-Timescale Oscillations,

    Manu Aggarwal, Nicholas Cogan, Richard Bertram, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU19-03:
  • Why Pacing Frequency Affects the Production of Early Afterdepolarizations in Cardiomyocytes: An Explanation Revealed by Slow-Fast Analysis of a Minimal Model,

    Theodore Vo, Richard Bertram, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU19-02:
  • Synchronization of pancreatic islets by periodic or non-periodic muscarinic agonist pulse trains,

    Joel E. Adablah, Ryan Vinson, Michael G. Roper, Richard Bertram, 23 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU19-01:
  • Adic tropicalizations and cofinality of Gubler models,

    Tyler Foster, Sam Payne, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-15:
  • 2-stratifold with fundamental group Z,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 15 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-14:
  • Models of Simply-connected Trivalent 2-dimensional Stratifolds (with an Implementation Code by Y.A. Hernandex-Esparza),

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-13:
  • Dimension free properties of strong Muckenhoupt and reverse Hölder weights for Radon measures,

    O. Beznosova, A. Reznikov, 6 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-12:
  • Riesz energy on self-similar sets,

    A. Reznikov, O. Vlasiuk, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-11:
  • Pfaffian integrals and invariants of singular varieties,

    Paolo Aluffi, Mark Goresky, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-10:
  • Newton-Okounkov bodies and Segre classes,

    Paolo Aluffi, 17 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-09:
  • Constructing thin subgroups of SL(n+1,R) via bending,

    Samuel Ballas, D. D. Long, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU18-08:
  • Interhemispheric Dominance Switching in a Neural Network Model for Birdsong,

    Daniel Galvis, Wei Wu, Richard L. Hyson, Frank Johnson, Richard Bertram, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU18-07:
  • Fast-Slow Analysis of the Integrated Oscillator Model for Pancreatic Beta-Cells,

    Joseph P. McKenna, Richard Bertram, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-06:
  • Almost all circle polyhedra are rigid,

    John C. Bowers, Philip L. Bowers, Kevin Pratt, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU18-05:
  • Transitions Between Bursting Modes in the Integrated Oscillator Model for Pancreatic Beta-Cells,

    Isabella Marinelli, Theodore Vo, Luca Gerardo-Giorda, Richard Bertram, 10 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU18-04:
  • The Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson class of an embeddable scheme,

    Paolo Aluffi, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-03:
  • Constructing convex projective 3-manifolds with generalized cusps,

    Samuel A. Ballas, 30 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU18-02:
  • -Combinatorics encoding geometry- The legacy of Bill Thurston in the story of one theorem,

    Philip L. Bowers, 67 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU18-01:
  • Expansion of Scroll Wave Filaments Induced by Chiral Mismatch,

    Daniel Weingard, Oliver Steinbock, Richard Bertram, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-16:
  • Linear recurrence sequences and the duality defect conjecture,

    Grayson Jorgenson, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU17-15:
  • Chern classes and characteristic cycles of determinantal varieties,

    Xiping Zhang, 31 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-14:
  • Modeling Credit Risk in the Jump Threshold Framework,

    C.-Y. Chiu, Alec Kercheval, 23 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-13:
  • Sparse bounds for a prototypical singular Radon transform,

    Rirchard Oberlin, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-12:
  • Lie algebroid cohomology and Lie algebroid extensions,

    E. Aldrovandi, U. Bruzzo, V. Rubtsov, 27 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-11:
  • Shadows of characteristic cycles, Verma modules, and positivity of Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes of Schubert cells,

    Paolo Aluffi, Leonardo C. Mihalcea, Jörg Schürmann, Changjian Su, 40 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU17-10:
  • The Euclidean Distance degree of smooth complex projective varieties,

    Paolo Aluffi, Corey Harris, 25 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-09:
  • Generalized Cusps in Real Projective Manifolds: Classification,

    Sam Ballas, Daryl Cooper, Arielle Leitner, 34 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU17-08:
  • The Effects of GABAergic Polarity Changes on Episodic Neural Network Activity in Developing Neural Systems,

    Wilfredo Blanco, Richard Bertram, Joel Tabak, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-07:
  • 2-stratifold spines of closed 3-manifolds,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-06:
  • 2-stratifold groups have solvable Word Problem,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-05:
  • Classification and Models of Simply-connected Trivalent 2-dimensional Stratifolds,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 15 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU17-04:
  • Calcium Oscillation Frequency-Sensitive Gene Regulation and Homeostatic Compensation in Pancreatic β-Cells,

    Vehpi Yildirim, Richard Bertram, 30 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU17-03:
  • Multi-Timescale Systems and Fast-Slow Analysis,

    Richard Bertram, Jonathan E. Rubin, 17 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-02:
  • A Riemannian quasi-Newton method for computing the Karcher mean of symmetric positive definite matrices,

    Xinru Yuan, Wen Huang, P.-A. Absil, K. A. Gallivan, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU17-01:
  • Rigidity of circle polyhedra in the 2-sphere and of hyperideal polyhedra in hyperbolic 3-space,

    John C. Bowers, Philip L. Bowers, Kevin Pratt, 42 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU16-15:
  • Glucose Oscillations Can Activate an Endogenous Oscillator in Pancreatic Islets,

    Joseph P. McKenna, Raghuram Dhumpa, Nikita Mukhitov, Michael G. Roper, Richard Bertram, 19 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FU16-14:
  • ROPTLIB: an object oriented C++ library for optimization on Riemannian manifolds,

    Wen Huang, P.-A. Absil, K. A. Gallivan, Paul Hand, 25 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU16-13:
  • A Menger redux: embedding metric spaces isometrically in Euclidean space,

    John C. Bowers, Philip L. Bowers, 19 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU16-12:
  • Ma-Schlenker C-octahedra in the 2-sphere,

    John C. Bowers, Philip L. Bowers, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU16-11:
  • Properly convex bending of hyperbolic manifolds,

    Sam Ballas, Ludovic Maquis, 35 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU16-10:
  • A second order in time, decoupled, unconditionally stable numerical scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard-Darcy system

    Daozhi Han, Xiaoming Wang, 28 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU16-09:
  • Uniquely solvable and energy stable decoupled numerical schemes for the Cahn-Hilliard-Stokes-Darcy system for two-phase flows in karstic geometry

    Wenbin Chen, Daozhi Han, Xiaoming Wang, 29 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU16-08:
  • The Segre zeta function of an ideal,

    Paolo Aluffi, 19 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU16-07:
  • Tensored Segre classes,

    Paolo Aluffi, 15 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU16-06:
  • How many hypersurfaces does it take to cut out a Segre class?,

    Paolo Aluffi, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU16-05:
  • Is Bursting More Effective than Spiking in Evoking Pituitary Hormone Secretion? A Spatiotemporal Simulation Study of Calcium and Granule Dynamics,

    Alessia Tagliavini, Joel Tabak, Richard Bertram, Morten Gram Pedersen, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU16-04:
  • On Coxeter mapping classes and fibered alternating links,

    Eriko Hironaka, Livio Liechti, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU16-03:
  • Initial-boundary layer associated with the nonlinear Darcy-Brinkman-Oberbeck-Boussinesq system,

    Mingwen Fei, Daozhi Han, Xiaoming Wang, 35 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU16-02:
  • Ca2+ Effects on ATP Production and Consumption Have Regulatory Roles on Oscillatory Islet Activity,

    Joseph P. McKenna, Joon Ha, Matthew J. Merrins, Leslie S. Satin, Arthur Sherman, Richard Bertram, 10+4 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU16-01:
  • Projective duality and a Chern-Mather involution,

    Paolo Aluffi, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-18:
  • Cup products, the Heisenberg group, and codimension two algebraic cycles,

    Ettore Aldrovandi, Niranjan Ramachandran, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-17:
  • The Shape of Data and Probability Measures,

    Diego H. Diaz Martinez, Facundo Mémoli, Washington Mio, 46 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU15-16:
  • Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes for Schubert cells in flag manifolds,

    Paolo Aluffi, Leonardo Constantin Mihalcea, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-15:
  • A Riemannian Approach for Computing Geodesics in Elastic Shape Analysis,

    Yaqing You, Wen Huang, Kyle A. Gallivan, P.-A. Absil, 5 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU15-14:
  • Modeling of Glucose-Induced cAMP Oscillations in Pancreatic Beta Cells: cAMP Rocks when Metabolism Rolls,

    Bradford E. Peercy, Arthur S. Sherman, Richard Bertram, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU15-13:
  • A Structural Jump Threshold Framework for Credit Risk,

    Pierre Garreau, Alec Kercheval, 34 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-12:
  • Notions of Regularity for Functions of a Split-Quaternionic Variable,

    John Emanuello, Craig A. Nolder, 19 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-11:
  • Variation-norm and fluctuation estimates for ergodic bilinear averages,

    Yen Do, Richard Oberlin, Eyvindur A. Pallson, 37 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-10:
  • Dimensions of sums with self-similar sets,

    Daniel Oberlin, Richard Oberlin, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-09:
  • Decoupled energy-law preserving numerical schemes for the Cahn-Hilliard-Darcy system,

    Daozhi Han, Xiaoming Wang, 25 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-08:
  • Numerical algorithms for stationary statistical properties of dissipative dynamical systems,

    Xiaoming Wang, 24 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-07:
  • 2-dimensional stratifolds,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU15-06:
  • An efficient and Long-Time Accurate Third-Order Algorithm for the Stokes-Darcy System,

    Wenbin Chen, Max Gunzburger, Dong Sun, Xiaoming Wang, 22 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU15-05:
  • Mathematical Modeling in Neuroendocrinology,

    Richard Bertram, 17 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-04:
  • A Broyden Class of Quasi-Newton Methods for Riemannian Optimization,

    Wen Huang, K. A. Gallivan, P.-A. Absil, 27 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-03:
  • Solving PhaseLift by low-rank Riemannian optimization methods for complex semidefinite constraints,

    Wen Huang, K. A. Gallivan, Xiangxiong Zhang, 41 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU15-02:
  • Stacks of Ann-Categories and their morphisms,

    Ettore Aldrovandi, 23 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU15-01:
  • Biextensions, bimonoidal functors, multilinear functor calculus, and categorical rings,

    Ettore Aldrovandi, 56 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-19:
  • Unions of lines in Fn,

    Richard Oberlin, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU14-18:
  • Determining the Contributions of Divisive and Subtractive Feedback in the Hodgkin-Huxley Model,

    Sevgi Sengul, Robert Clewley, Richard Bertram, Joel Tabak, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-17:
  • Spherical means and pinned distance sets,

    Daniel Oberlin, Richard Oberlin, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-16:
  • Conformal tilings II: local isomorphism, hierarchy, and conformal type,

    Philip L. Bowers, Kenneth Stephenson, 72 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-15:
  • Conformal tilings I: foundations, theory, and practice,

    Philip L. Bowers, Kenneth Stephenson, 65 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-14:
  • Analytical results on the role of flexibility in flapping propulsion,

    M. Nicholas J. Moore, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU14-13:
  • Degrees of projections of rank loci,

    Paolo Aluffi, 28 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU14-12:
  • Chern classes of splayed intersections,

    Paolo Aluffi, Eleonore Faber, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-11:
  • Existence and uniqueness of global weak solutions to a Cahn-Hilliard-Stokes-Darcy system for two phase incompressible flows in karstic geometry,

    Daozhi Han, Xiaoming Wang, Hao Wu, 44 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-10:
  • A second order in time, uniquely solvable, unconditionally stable numerical scheme for Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes equation,

    Daozhi Han, Xiaoming Wang, 25 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU14-09:
  • Calcium and Metabolic Oscillations in Pancreatic Islets: Who's Driving the Bus?,

    Margaret Watts, Bernard Fendler, Matthew J. Merrins, Leslie S. Satin, Richard Bertram, Arthur Sherman, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU14-08:
  • Interpreting Frequency Responses to Dose-Conserved Pulsatile Input Signals in Simple Cell Signaling Motifs,

    Patrick A. Fletcher, Frederique Clement, Alexandre Vidal, Joel Tabak, Richard Bertram, 10 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-07:
  • Long-time dynamics of 2D double-diffusive convection: analysis and/or numerics,

    Florentina Tone, Xiaoming Wang, Djoko Wirosoetisno, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU14-06:
  • A Geometric Understanding of How Fast Activating Potassium Channels Promote Bursting in Pituitary Cells,

    Theodore Vo, Joel Tabak Richard Bertram, Martin Wechselberger, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-05:
  • Classification and Rigidity of totally periodic pseudo-Anosov flows in graph manifolds,

    Thierry Barbot, Sergio Fenley, 32 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-04:
  • Diversified homotopy behavior of closed orbits of some R-covered Anosov flows,

    Sergio Fenley, 8 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-03:
  • Small dilatation pseudo-Anosov mapping classes and short circuits on train track automata,

    Eriko Hironaka, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU14-02:
  • Multiscale Covariance Fields, Local Scales, and Shape Transforms,

    Diego H. Diaz Martinez, Facundo Mémoli, Washington Mio, 8 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU14-01:
  • Projective Compactification of R1,1 and its Möbius Geometry,

    John Emanuello, Craig A. Nolder, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-15:
  • Monomial principalization in the nonsingular setting,

    Corey Harris, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-14:
  • Two phase flows in karstic geometry,

    Daozhi Han, Dong Sun, Xiaoming Wang, 35 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-13:
  • Digraphs and cycle polynomials for free-by-cyclic groups,

    Yael Algom-Kfir, Eriko Hironaka, Kasra Rafi, 40 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-12:
  • Modeling high-frequency limit order book dynamics with support vector machines,

    A. N. Kercheval, Yuan Zhang, 36 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-11:
  • Asset Market Dynamics in Equilibrium Models with Heterogeneous Agents: Analytical Results,

    P. M. Beaumont, A. J. Culham, A. N. Kercheval, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU13-10:
  • Multidegrees of monomial rational maps,

    Paolo Aluffi, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU13-09:
  • Log canonical threshold, Segre classes, and polygamma functions,

    Paolo Aluffi, 5 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU13-08:
  • Segre classes as integrals over polytopes,

    Paolo Aluffi, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-07:
  • Application of a Fourier restriction theorem to certain families of projections in R^3,

    Daniel Oberlin, Richard Oberlin, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-06
  • Complex Dynamics in Equilibrium Asset Pricing Models with Boundedly Rational, Heterogeneous Agents,

    Paul Beaumount, Yuanying Guan, Alec Kercheval, 42 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU13-05
  • Multiple Geometric Viewpoints of Mixed Mode Dynamics Associated with Pseudo-plateau Bursting,

    Theodore Vo, Richard Bertram, Martin Wechselberger, 42 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-04:
  • Initial-Boundary Layer Associated with the Nonlinear Darcy-Brinkman System,

    Daozhi Han, Xiaoming Wang, 36 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-03:
  • Local Distortion of M-Conformal Mappings,

    J. Morais, Craig A. Nolder, 27 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU13-02:
  • Segre classes of monomial schemes,

    Paolo Aluffi, 15 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU13-01:
  • A linear iteration algorithm for a second-order energy stable scheme for a thin film model without slope selection,

    Wenbin Chen, Cheng Wang, Xiaoming Wang, Steven Wise, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-27:
  • Quotient Families of Mapping Classes,

    Eriko Hironaka, 36 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-26:
  • Lipschitz Constants to Curve Complexes,

    V. Gadre, E. Hironaka, R. P. Kent IV, C. J. Leininger 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU12-25:
  • On stringy invariants of GUT vacua,

    James Fullwood, Mark van Hoeij, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU12-24:
  • Belyi functions for hyperbolic hypergeometric-to-Heun transformations,

    Mark van Hoeij, Raimundas Vidunas, 57 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU12-23:
  • Low Degree Places on the Modular Curve X1(N),

    Mark van Hoeij, 3 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-22:
  • On well-rounded ideal lattices,

    Lenny Fukshansky, Kathleen Petersen, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-21:
  • The Euclidean algorithm for number fields and primitive roots,

    M. Ram Murty, Kathleen L. Petersen, 8 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-20:
  • A Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem for all number fields,

    M. Ram Murty, Kathleen L. Petersen, 40 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-19:
  • Character varieties of once-punctured torus bundles with tunnel number one,

    Kenneth L. Baker, Kathleen L. Petersen, 66 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-18:
  • Chern Classes Of Logarithmic Derivations for Free Divisors with Jacobian Ideal of Linear Type,

    Xia Liao, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-17
  • The Relationship Between Two Fast/Slow Analysis Techniques for Bursting Oscillations

    Wondimu Teka, Joel Tabak Richard Bertram, 10 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-16
  • Models of Electrical Activity: Calibration and Prediction Testing on the Same Cell

    Maurizio Tomaiuolo, Richard Bertram, Gareth Leng, Joel Tabak, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-15:
  • On the K-category of 3-manifolds for K a wedge of spheres or projective planes,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-14:
  • Categorical group invariants of 3-manifolds,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 19 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-13:
  • Efficient and long-time accurate second-order methods for Stokes-Darcy systems,

    Wenbin Chen, Max Gunzburger, Dong Sun, Xiaoming Wang, 28 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-12:
  • Generalized Euler characteristics, graph hypersurfaces, and Feynman periods,

    Paolo Aluffi, 27 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-11:
  • Unit distance problems,

    Richard Oberlin, Daniel Oberlin, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-10:
  • A Computational Tool for Automated Large-Scale Analysis and Measurement of Bird-Song Syntax,

    Arij Daou, Frank Johnson, Wei Wu, Richard Bertram 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-09:
  • Euler characteristics of general linear sections and polynomial Chern classes,

    Paolo Aluffi, 25 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-08:
  • Splayed divisors and their Chern classes,

    Paolo Aluffi, Eleonore Faber, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-07:
  • Two Types of Burst Firing in Gonadotrophin-Releasing Hormone Neurones,

    Zhiguo Chu, Maurizio Tomaiuolo, Richard Bertram, Suzanne M. Moenter, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-06:
  • Chern Classes Of Logarithmic Vector Fields For Locally-Homogenous Free Divisors,

    Xia Liao, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-05:
  • A bound on the vertical transport of heat in the ultimate state of slippery convection at large Prandtl numbers,

    Xiaoming Wang, Jared P. Whitehead, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-04:
  • Bifurcations of Canard-Induced Mixed Mode Oscillations in a Pituitary Lactotroph Model

    Theodore Vo, Richard Bertram, Martin Wechselberger, 34 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU12-03:
  • Chern Classes of Logarithmic Vector Fields,

    Xia Liao, 5 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-02:
  • Chern classes of free hypersurface arrangements,

    Paolo Aluffi, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU12-01:
  • The Dynamics Underlying Pseudo-Plateau Bursting in a Pituitary Cell Model

    Wondimu Teka, Joel Tabak, Theodore Vo, Martin Wechselberger, Richard Bertram, 23 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU11-28:
  • Fast-Activating Voltage- and Calcium-Dependent Potassium (BK) Conductances Promote Bursting in Pituitary Cells: A Dynamic Clamp Study

    Joel Tabak, Maurizio Tomaiuolo, Arturo E. Gonzalez-Iglesias, Lorin S. Milescu, Richard Bertram, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU11-27:
  • On Hirzebruch invariants of elliptic fibrations,

    James Fullwood, Mark van Hoeij, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU11-26:
  • D5 elliptic fibrations: non-Kodaira fibers and new orientifold limits of F-theory,

    Mboyo Esole, James Fullwood, Shing-Tung Yau, 46 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-25:
  • Long time stability of a classical efficient scheme for two dimensional Navier--Stokes equations,

    Sigal Gottlieb, Florentina Tone, Cheng Wang, Xiaoming Wang, Djoko Wirosoetisno, 25 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU11-24:
  • Mathematical Modeling Demonstrates How Multiple Slow Processes Can Provide Adjustable Control of Islet Bursting,

    Margaret Watts, Joel Tabak, Richard Bertram, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-23:
  • Boundary Layer for a Class of Nonlinear Pipe Flow,

    Daozhi Han, Anna Mazzucato, Dongjuan Niu, Xiaoming Wang, 35 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-22:
  • Second-Order Convex Splitting Schemes for Gradient Flows with Ehrlich-Schwoebel Type Energy: Application to thin film epitaxy,

    Jie Shen, Cheng Wang, Xiaoming Wang, Steven Wise, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-21:
  • Calibrating the exchange coefficient in the modified coupled continuum pipe-flow model for flows in karst aquifers,

    Nan Chen, Max Gunzburger, Bill Hu, Xiaoming Wang, Celestine Woodruff, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-20:
  • Fourier Multipliers and Dirac Operators,

    Craig A. Nolder, Guanghong Wang, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-19:
  • Fibered faces, Penner sequences and handlebody mapping classes,

    Eriko Hironaka, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-18:
  • Mapping classes associated to mixed-sign Coxeter systems,

    Eriko Hironaka, 17 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-17:
  • General Lantern Relations and Planar Line Arrangements,

    Eriko Hironaka, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU11-16:
  • Synchronization of Mouse Islets of Langerhans by Glucose Waveforms,

    Xinyu Zhang, Arij Daou, Tuan M. Truong, Richard Bertram, Michael G. Roper, 6 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-15:
  • Stable birational equivalence and geometric Chevalley-Warning,

    Xia Liao, 6 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-14:
  • Amenable category of three-manifolds,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-13:
  • Notes on weak units of Picard 1- and 2-stacks,

    Ettore Aldrovandi, Ahmet Emin Tatar, 17 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-12:
  • An efficient second order in time scheme for approximating long time statistical properties of the two dimensional Navier-Stokes equations,

    Xiaoming Wang, 22 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU11-11:
  • Calcium Cooperativity of Exocytosis as a Measure of Calcium Channel Domain Overlap,

    Victor Matveev, Richard Bertram, Arthur Sherman, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU11-10:
  • Chern classes of graph hypersurfaces and deletion-contraction relations,

    Paolo Aluffi, 29 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU11-09:
  • Quantifying the Relative Contributions of Divisive and Subtractive Feedback to Rhythm Generation,

    Joel Tabak, John Rinzel, Richard Bertram, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU11-08:
  • On generalized Sethi-Vafa-Witten formulas,

    J. Fullwood, 10 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU11-07:
  • UVk-mappings on homology manifolds,

    J. Bryant, S. Ferry, W. Mio, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU11-06:
  • Slow Variable Dominance and Phase Resetting in Phantom Bursting,

    Margaret Watts, Joel Tabak, Charles Zimliki, Arthur Sherman, Richard Bertram, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-05:
  • Unconstrained optimizers for ICA learning on oblique manifold using Parzen density estimation,

    S. Easter Selvan, Umberto Amato, Chunhong Qi, Kyle A. Gallivan, M. Francesca Carfora, Michele Larobina, Bruno Alfano, 49 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU11-04:
  • Grothendieck classes and Chern classes of hyperplane arrangements,

    Paolo Aluffi, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU11-03:
  • A motivic approach to phase transitions in Potts models,

    Paolo Aluffi, Matilde Marcolli, 33 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-02:
  • A generalized birth-death stochastic model for high-frequency order book dynamics,

    He Huang, Alec N. Kercheval, 28 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU11-01:
  • S2- and P2-category of manifolds,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU10-15:
  • Periods of Quadratic Twists of Elliptic Curves (with an Appendix by Amod Agashe)

    Vivek Pal, 15 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU10-14:
  • Isomorphisms of Algebraic Number Fields

    Mark van Hoeij, Vivek Pal, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU10-13:
  • Investigating Heterogeneity of Intracellular Calcium Dynamics in Anterior Pituitary Lactotrophs Using a Combined Modelling/Experimental Approach

    Maurizio Tomaiuolo, Richard Bertram, Arturo E. Gonzalez-Iglesias, Joel Tabak, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU10-12:
  • A compressed sensing approach for partial differential equations with random input data,

    L. Mathelin, Kyle A. Gallivan, 42 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU10-11:
  • Verdier specialization via weak factorization,

    Paolo Aluffi, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU10-10:
  • Risk Forecasting with GARCH, Skewed t Distributions, and Multiple Timescales,

    Alec N. Kercheval, Yang Liu, 73 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU10-09:
  • Low-Rank Incremental Methods for Computing Dominant Singular Subspaces,

    C.G. Baker, Kyle A. Gallivan, P. Van Dooren, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU10-08:
  • Metabolic Oscillations in Pancreatic Islets Depend on the Intracellular Calcium Level but Not Calcium Oscillations,

    Matthew J. Merrins, Bernard Fendler, Min Zhang, Arthur Sherman, Richard Bertram, Leslie S. Satin, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU10-07:
  • Mixed Mode Oscillations as a Mechanism for Pseudo-Plateau Bursting,

    Theodore Vo, Richard Bertram, Joel Tabak, Martin Wechselberger, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU10-06:
  • Note on the convex hull of the Stiefel manifold,

    Kyle A. Gallivan, P.-A. Absil, 5 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU10-05:
  • A Tale of Two Rhythms: The Emerging Roles of Oxytocin in Rhythmic Prolactin Release,

    Richard Bertram, Cleyde V. Helena, Arturo Gonzalez-Iglesias, Joel Tabak, Marc E. Freeman, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU010-05:
  • Graph hypersurfaces and a dichotomy in the Grothendieck ring,

    Paolo Aluffi, Matilde Marcolli, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU10-04:
  • Mechanism for the Universal Pattern of Activity in Developing Neuronal Networks,

    Joel Tabak, Michael Mascagni, Richard Bertram, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU10-03:
  • Higher dimensional manifolds with S1-category 2,

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  • [abs, pdf] FSU10-02:
  • Fixed-mix rules in an evolutionary market using a factor model for dividends,

    Konstantinos Mavroudis, Craig Nolder, 30 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU10-01:
  • Malliavin calculus for Levy markets and new sensitivities,

    D. Bayazit, C. A. Nolder, 46 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU09-20:
  • Riemannian BFGS Algorithm with Applications,

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  • [abs, pdf] FSU09-19:
  • On the coupled continuum pipe flow model (CCPF) for flows in karst aquifer,

    Xiaoming Wang, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU09-18:
  • Unconditionally stable schemes for equations of thin film epitaxy,

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  • [abs, ref] FSU09-17:
  • Correlation Analysis: A Tool for Comparing Relaxation-Type Models to Experimental Data,

    Maurizio Tomaiuolo, Joel Tabak, Richard Bertram, 22 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU09-16:
  • Using Phase Relations to Identify Potential Mechanisms for Metabolic Oscillations in Isolated Beta-Cell Mitochondria,

    Richard Bertram, Paula Budu-Grajdeanu, M. Saleet Jafri, 8 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU09-15:
  • Linear Fractional Recurrences: Periodicities and Integrability,

    Eric Bedford, Kyounghee Kim, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU09-14:
  • Small dilatation pseudo-Anosov mapping classes coming from the simplest hyperbolic braid,

    Eriko Hironaka, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU09-13:
  • On Character varieties of two-bridge knot groups,

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  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU09-12:
  • The Generalized Artin Conjecture and Arithmetic Orbifolds,

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  • [abs, pdf] FSU09-11:
  • Length 3 complexes of abelian sheaves and Picard 2-stacks,

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  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU09-10:
  • Calcium Current versus Calcium Cooperativity of Exocytosis,

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  • [abs, pdf], FSU09-09:
  • Butterflies II: Torsors for 2-group stacks

    Ettore Aldrovandi, Behrang Noohi, 55 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU09-08:
  • Links in S3 of S1-category 2,

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  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU09-07:
  • New orientifold weak coupling limits in F-theory,

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  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU09-06:
  • Synchronization of Pancreatic Islet Oscillations by Intrapancreatic Ganglia: A Modeling Study,

    Bernard Fendler, Min Zhang, Leslie Satin, Richard Bertram, 8 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU09-05:
  • Feynman motives and deletion-contraction relations,

    Paolo Aluffi, Matilde Marcolli, 50 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU09-04:
  • Manifolds with S1-category 2 have cyclic fundamental groups,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU09-03:
  • Nonlinear A-Dirac Equations,

    Craig A. Nolder, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU09-02:
  • p-Dirac Operators,

    Craig A. Nolder, John Ryan, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU09-01:
  • Parametric Feynman integrals and determinant hypersurfaces,

    Paolo Aluffi, Matilde Marcolli, 34 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU08-31:
  • Linear Response Theory for Statistical Ensembles in Complex Systems with Time-Periodic Forcing,

    Andrew Majda, Xiaoming Wang, 30 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU08-30:
  • A parallel Robin-Robin domain decomposition method for the Stokes-Darcy system,

    Wenbin Chen, Max Gunzburger, Fei Hua, Xiaoming Wang, 24 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU08-29:
  • Approximation of stationary statistical properties of dissipative dynamical systems: time discretization,

    Xiaoming Wang, 23 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU08-28:
  • Introduction to circle packing: a review,

    Philip L. Bowers, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU08-27:
  • What is Lehmer's number?,

    Eriko Hironaka, 2 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU08-26:
  • Algebro-Geometric Feynman rules,

    Paolo Aluffi, Matilde Marcolli, 27 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU08-25:
  • Long Lasting Synchronization of Calcium Oscillations by Cholinergic Stimulation in Isolated Pancreatic Islets,

    Min Zhang, Bernard Fendler, Bradford Peercy, Pranay Goel, Richard Bertram, Arthur Sherman, Leslie Satin, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU08-24:
  • A Mathematical Model for the Actions of Activin, Inhibin, and Follistatin on Pituitary Lactotrophs,

    Richard Bertram, Yue-xian Li, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU08-23:
  • Coverings of 3-manifolds by three open solid tori,

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  • Cyclotomic factors of Coxeter polynomials,

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  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU08-21:
  • A Phantom Bursting Mechanism for Episodic Bursting,

    Richard Bertram, Joseph Rhoads, Wendy P. Cimbora, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU08-20:
  • Chern classes of blow-ups,

    Paolo Aluffi, 17 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-19:
  • String topology for stacks,

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  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-18:
  • Homotopy types of topological stacks,

    Behrang Noohi, 33 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-17:
  • Mapping stacks of topological stacks,

    Behrang Noohi, 11 pages

  • [abs, ref], FSU08-16:
  • A Statistical Method for Quantifying Songbird Phonology and syntax,

    Wei Wu, John A. Thompson, Richard Bertram, Frank Johnson, 8 pages

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  • Butterflies I: morphisms of 2-group stacks,

    Ettore Aldrovandi, Behrang Noohi, 88 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-14:
  • Coupled Stokes-Darcy Model with Beavers-Joseph Interface Boundary Condition,

    Yanzhao Cao, Max Gunzburger, Fei Hua, Xiaoming Wang, 27 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU08-13:
  • A Mathematical Study of the Differential Effects of Two SERCA Isoforms on Calcium Oscillations in Pancreatic Islet,

    R. Bertram, Rudy C. Arceo II, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU08-12:
  • Asset price dynamics with heterogeneous, boundedly rational, utility-optimizing agents,

    P. M. Beaumont, A. J. Culham, Alec N. Kercheval, 17 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU08-11:
  • Feynman motives of banana graphs,

    Paolo Aluffi, Matilde Marcolli, 35 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-10:
  • Optimal intervention in the foreign exchange market when interventions affect market dynamics,

    Alec N. Kercheval, Juan F. Moreno, 32 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-09:
  • Covering of 3-manifolds by open balls and two open solid tori,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 5 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-08:
  • A note on Rebonato and Jäckel's parametrization method for finding nearest correlation matrices,

    Alec N. Kercheval, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-07:
  • Squareness in the special $L$-value,

    Amod Agashe, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-06:
  • Visibility for analytic rank one,

    Amod Agashe, 8 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU08-05:
  • A POD reduced order 4-D VAR adaptive mesh ocean modelling approach,

    F. Fang, C.C. Pain, I.M. Navon, M.D. Piggott, G.J. Gorman, P. Allison, A.J.H. Goddard,

    37 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU08-04:
  • The Maximum Likelihood Ensemble Filter as a non-differentiable minimization algorithm,

    Milija Zupanski, I.M. Navon, Dusanka Zupanski,

    33 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU08-03:
  • Particle filter and EnKF as data assimilation methods for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation,

    M. Jardak, I.M. Navon, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU08-02:
  • Continuity Conditions and Torsion Angles from ssNMR Orientational Restraints,

    S. Achuthan, T. Asbury, J. Hu, R. Bertram, T. A. Cross, J. R. Quine, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU08-01:
  • A-Type K+ Current Can Act as a Trigger for Bursting in the Absence of a Slow Variable,

    Natalia Toporikova, Joel Tabak, Marc E. Freeman, R. Bertram, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-27:
  • Well-posedness of the Infinite Prandtl Number Model for Convection with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity,

    Max Gunzburger, Yuki Saka, Xiaoming Wang, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU07-26:
  • Auditory-Dependent Vocal Recovery in Adult Male Zebra Finches is Facilitated by Lesion of a Forebrain Pathway That Includes the Basal Ganglia,

    John A. Thompson, Wei Wu, R. Bertram, Frank Johnson, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-25:
  • Upper Semi-Continuity of Stationary Statistical Properties of Dissipative Systems,

    Xiaoming Wang, 22 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-24:
  • Fundamental groups of topological stacks with slice property,

    Behrang Noohi, 29 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU07-23:
  • Chern class identities from tadpole matching in type IIB and F-theory,

    P. Aluffi, M. Esole, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU07-22:
  • Metabolic and Electrical Oscillations: Partners in Controlling Pulsatile Insulin Secretion,

    R. Bertram, A. Sherman, L. S. Satin,

    11 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-21:
  • Uniformly dissipative approximations of stationary statistical properties of infinite dimensional dissipative complex systems,

    Wenfang (Wendy) Cheng, Xiaoming Wang, 23 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-20:
  • Risk management with generalized hyperbolic distributions,

    Wembo Hu, Alec Kercheval, 6 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU07-19:
  • Oxytocin action at the lactotroph is required for prolactin surges in cervically stimulated ovariectomized rats,

    D. McKee, M. O. Poletini, R. Bertram, M. E. Freeman,

    9 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-18:
  • Asset price dynamics with heterogeneous beliefs,

    P. M. Beaumont, A. J. Culham, Alec N. Kercheval, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-17:
  • An optimizing reduced PLSMFE formulation for non-stationary conduction-convection problems,

    Zhendong Luo, Jing Chen, I.M. Navon, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU07-16:
  • Limits of PGL(3)-translates of plane curves, II,

    P. Aluffi, C. Faber, 22 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU07-15:
  • Limits of PGL(3)-translates of plane curves, I,

    P. Aluffi, C. Faber, 28 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-14:
  • Mixed Finite Element Formulation and Error Estimates Based on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for the Non-Stationary Navier-Stokes Equations,

    Zhendong Luo, Jing Chen, I.M. Navon, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-13:
  • Adaptive observations using HSV and TESV in a 4D-Var framework with a finite volume shallow-water model,

    I.M. Navon, Yanhua Cao, D. N. Daescu, 38 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-12:
  • Reduced order modelling of an adaptive mesh ocean model,

    F. Fang, C.C. Pain, I.M. Navon, M.D. Piggott , G.J. Gorman , A.J.H. Goddard, 36 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU07-11:
  • Bound on vertical heat transport at large Prandtl number,

    Xiaoming Wang, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU07-10:
  • Backbone Structure of the Amantadine-Blocked Trans-Membrane Domain M2 Proton Channel from Influenza A Virus,

    J. Hu, T. Asbury, S. Achuthan, C. Li, R. Bertram, J. R. Quine, R. Fu, T. A. Cross, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU07-09:
  • Evaluating Feynman path integrals via the polynomial path family,

    Gabriel Bouch, Philip L. Bowers, 29 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-08:
  • Portfolio optimization for t and skewed-t returns,

    Wenbo Hu, Alec N. Kercheval, 42 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-07:
  • Automorphism 2-group of a weighted projective stack,

    Behrang Noohi, 15 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-06:
  • Explicit HRS-tilting,

    Behrang Noohi, 28 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-05:
  • Lectures on derived and triangulated categories,

    Behrang Noohi, 33 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-04:
  • Dynamics of Rational Surface Automorphisms: Linear Fractional Recurrences,

    Eric Bedford, Kyounghee Kim, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU07-03:
  • Low Dose of Dopamine may Stimulate Prolactin Secretion by Increasing Fast Potassium Currents,

    J. Tabak, N. Toporikova, M. E. Freeman, R. Bertram, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU07-02:
  • Interaction of Glycolysis and Mitochondrial Respiration in Metabolic Oscillations of Pancreatic Islets,

    R. Bertram, L. S. Satin, M. G. Pedersen, D. S. Luciani, A. Sherman 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU07-01:
  • Option Pricing with Selfsimilar Additive Processes,

    Mack L. Galloway, Craig A. Nolder, 32 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU06-29:
  • A Dual-Weighted Approach to Order Reduction in 4D-Var Data Assimilation,

    D.N. Daescu, I.M. Navon, 38 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU06-28:
  • An optimizing reduced order FDS for the tropical Pacific Ocean reduced gravity model,

    Zhendong Luo, Jing Chen, Jiang Zhu, Ruiwen Wang, I.M. Navon, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-27:
  • Reliability of Computational Science,

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  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU06-26:
  • Residual Bound Calcium Can Account for the Effects of Calcium Buffers on Synaptic Facilitation,

    V. Matveev, R. Bertram, A. Sherman, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU06-25:
  • A Simplified Model for Mitochondrial ATP Production,

    R. Bertram, M. G. Pedersen, D. S. Luciani, A. Sherman, 12 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU06-24:
  • PIPATH: An Optimized Algorithm for Generating Alpha-Helical Structures from PISEMA Data,

    T. Asbury, J. R. Quine, S. Achuthan, J. Hu, M. S. Chapman, T. A. Cross, R. Bertram, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-23:
  • Adaptive weak approximation of diffusions with jumps,

    E. Mordecki, A. Szepessy, R. Tempone, G. E. Zouraris, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU06-22:
  • Glucose Modulates Calcium Oscillations in Pancreatic Islets via Ionic and Glycolytic Mechanisms,

    C.S. Nunemaker, R. Bertram, A. Sherman, K. Tsaneva-Atanasova, C.R. Daniel, L.S. Satin, 15 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU06-21:
  • Chern classes of Schubert cells and varieties,

    Paolo Aluffi, Leonardo Constantin Mihalcea, 31 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-20:
  • Stationary statistical properties of Rayleigh-Bénard convection at large Prandtl number,

    Xiaoming Wang, 28 pages

  • [abs, pdf (French), pdf (English), ref] FSU06-19:
  • Une nouvelle preuve de la concordance des classes définies par M.-H. Schwartz et par R. MacPherson,

    P. Aluffi, J.-P. Brasselet, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-18:
  • A sparse grid stochastic collocation method for elliptic partial differential equations with random input data,

    F. Nobile, R. Tempone, C. G. Webster, 36 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-17:
  • Convoluton and Fourier restriction estimates for measures on curves in R2,

    Daniel M. Oberlin, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-16:
  • The skewed t distribution for portfolio credit risk,

    Wenbo Hu, Alec N. Kercheval, 31 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-15:
  • Optimal covariances in risk model aggregation,

    Alec N. Kercheval, 5 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-14:
  • A note on the emergence of large scale coherent structures under small scale random bombardments: the discrete case,

    Andrew Majda, Xiaoming Wang, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU06-13:
  • Intensity and Mosaic Spread Analysis from PISEMA Tensors in solid-State NMR,

    J. R. Quine, S. Achuthan, T. Asbury, R. Bertram, M. S. Chapman, J. Hu, T. A. Cross, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU06-12:
  • Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Approach and Error estimation of Mixed finite Element Methods for the tropical Pacific Ocean Reduced Gravity Model,

    Zhendong Luo, Jiang Zhu, Ruiwen Wang, I.M. Navon, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-11:
  • An equation free reduced order modeling approach to tropic Pacific Simulation,

    Ruiwen Wang, Jiang Zhu, Zhendong Luo, I.M. Navon, 23 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-10:
  • Error Estimation of goal oriented functional arising from iterative solution of Euler Equation,

    A.K. Alekseev, I.M. Navon, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref,] FSU06-09:
  • Diffusion of Calcium and Metabolites in Pancreatic Islets: Killing Oscillations with a Pitchfork,

    K. Tsaneva-Atanasova, C. L. Zimliki, R. Bertram, A. Sherman, 13 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU06-08:
  • Fundamental groups of manifolds with S1-category 2,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, F. Gonzalez-Acuna, W. Heil, 15 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU06-07:
  • The Manin constant,

    Amod Agashe, Ken Ribet, William Stein, 18 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU06-06:
  • The modular degree, congruence primes and multiplicity one,

    Amod Agashe, Ken Ribet, William Stein, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU06-05:
  • On forecast errors in variational data assimilation using high resolution advection schemes of the Lin-Rood finite volume shallow water model,

    S. Akella, I.M. Navon, 33 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU06-04:
  • Efficiency of a POD-based reduced second order adjoint model in 4-D VAR data assimilation,

    D.N. Daescu, I.M. Navon, 29 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU06-03:
  • A Mathematical Model for the Mating-Induced Prolactin Rhythm of Female Rats,

    Richard Bertram, M. Egli, N. Toporikova, and M. E. Freeman, 10 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU06-02:
  • Prolactin Secretory Rhythm of Mated Rats Induced by a Single Injection of Oxytocin,

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  • Unions of hyperplanes, unions of spheres, and some related estimates,

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  • Individual Mice Can Be Distinguished by the Period of Their Islet Calcium Oscillations: Is There an Intrinsic Islet Period That Is Imprinted In Vivo?

    C. S. Nunemaker, M. Zhang, D. H. Wasserman, O. P. McGuinness, A. C. Powers, R. Bertram, Arthur Sherman, L. S. Satin, 6 pages

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  • Positivity in equivariant quantum Schubert calculus,

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  • Giambelli formulae for the equivariant cohomology of the Grassmannian,

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    Marcel Egli, Richard Bertram, Michael T. Sellix, Marc E. Freeman, 9 pages

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  • Chern classes of birational varieties,

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  • Selfsimilar Additive Processes and Financial Modeling,

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  • The impact of background error on incomplete observations for 4-D VAR data assimilation with the FSU GSM,

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  • Performance of Enriched Methods for Large Scale Unconstrained Optimization as applied to Models of Proteins,

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  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU02-35:
  • Convolution and restriction estimates for a 3-surface in R5,

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  • On adjoint variables for discontinuous flow,

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  • Elliptic Diffusions, Exit Times, and the Quasihyperbolic Metric,

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  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU02-31:
  • Truncated-Newton Training Algorithm for Neurocomputational Viscoplastic Model,

    M.S. Al-Haik, H. Garmestani, I. Michael Navon,

    27 pages

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    Yanqiu Zhu, Ricardo Todling, Jing Guoy, Stephen E. Cohn, I. Michael Navon, Yan Yang

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  • Modeling credit risk: currency dependence in global credit markets

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  • t-Statistics for Weighted Means with Application to Risk Factor Models

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  • Role for G Protein G_beta_gamma Isoform Specificity in Synaptic Signal Processing: A Computational Study,

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  • Some finiteness conditions on the set of overrings of an integral domain,

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  • Inclusion-exclusion and Segre classes, II,

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  • Inclusion-exclusion and Segre classes,

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  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU02-10:
  • Two estimates for curves in the plane,

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  • Improved Skill for the Anomaly Correlation of Geopotential Height at 500 hPa,

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    Qi Wang, Weinan E, Chun Liu, Pingwen Zhang, 15 pages

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  • A hydrodynamic theory for solutions of nonhomogeneous nematic liquid crystalline polymers of different configurations,

    Qi Wang, 34 pages

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  • Shadows of blow-up algebras,

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  • [abs, ps] FSU02-03:
  • A Modular GCD algorithm over Number Fields presented with Multiple Extensions,

    Mark van Hoeij, Michael Monagan, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU02-02:
  • Spectral Analysis of Orbits via Discrete Fourier Transforms,

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  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU02-01:
  • Instabilities and modes of collisionless stellar disks,

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  • Homological algebra of multivalued action functionals,

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  • Numerical and theoretical considerations for sensitivity calculation of discontinuous flow,

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  • Affine dimension: measuring the vestiges of curvature,

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  • Interpolation of characteristic classes of singular hypersurfaces,

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  • Cortical Surface Flattening: A Quasi-Conformal Approach Using Circle Packings,

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  • Some convolution inequalities and their applications,

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  • The Hp-Norm of a Quasiconformal Mapping,

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  • Analysis of the singular vectors of the full-physics FSU Global Spectral Model,

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  • Moduli spaces of surfaces and real structures,

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  • Singhof Fillings of Closed 3-Manifolds,

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  • Geometric Filtering for Subspace Tracking,

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  • Prime-Producing Cubic Polynomials,

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  • Second Order Information in Data Assimilation,

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  • Suppression of Vortex Shedding for Flow Around a Circular Cylinder Using Optimal Control,

    Chris Homescu, I.M. Navon, Zhijin Li, 34 pages

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  • On Estimation of Temperature Uncertainty Using the Second Order Adjoint Problem,

    A.K. Alekseev, I. M. Navon, 10 pages

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  • Generating Functional in CFT on Riemann Surfaces II: Homological Aspects,

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  • Theory of Lensing Invariants I: The Power-Law Models,

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  • Two discrete fractional integrals,

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  • Constructing stellar dynamic models for elliptical galaxies,

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  • Triaxial Galaxy Models With Separable Potentials,

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  • Seifert unions of solid tori,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, W. Heil, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-13:
  • Factoring polynomials and the knapsack problem,

    Mark van Hoeij, 14 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-12:
  • Use of differentiable and nondifferentiable optimization algorithms for variational data assimilation with discontinuous cost functions,

    S. Zhang, X. Zou, J. Ahlquist, I. M. Navon, J. G. Sela, 40 pages

  • [abs, ps, figures, ref] FSU00-11:
  • Optimal Control of Cylinder Wakes via Suction and Blowing,

    Zhijin Li, I. M. Navon, M. Y. Hussaini, F.-X. Le Dimet, 33 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU00-10:
  • Myrberg's numerical uniformization of hyperelliptic curves,

    Mika Seppälä, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU00-09:
  • Homological systoles, homology bases, and partition of Riemann surfaces,

    Peter Buser, Mika Seppälä, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-08:
  • Moduli spaces of real algebraic curves,

    Mika Seppälä, 25 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-07:
  • Splitting manifold approximate fibrations,

    J. L. Bryant, P. Kirby, 9 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-06:
  • Commutative Rings of Dimension 0,

    R. Gilmer, 24 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-05:
  • Fourier Restriction for Affine Arclength Measures in the Plane,

    D. Oberlin, 3 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-03:
  • The analysis of an ill-posed problem using multiscale resolution and second order adjoint techniques,

    A.K. Alekseev, I. M. Navon, 27 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU00-02:
  • The minimum polynomial of an algebraic solution of Abel's problem,

    Mark van Hoeij, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-01:
  • Mesh refinement strategies for solving singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion problems,

    W. Castaings, I. M. Navon, 16 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-18:
  • Convolution with measures on hypersurfaces

    D. Oberlin, 13 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-17:
  • Stiefel-Whitney surfaces and the tri-genus of non-orientable 3-manifolds

    W. Heil, V. Nunez, J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-16:
  • Finite generation of powers of ideals

    R. Gilmer, W. Heinzer, M. Roitman, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-15:
  • On the IV-equivalence of subsets E and f(E) of Z,

    R. Gilmer, W. W. Smith, 16 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU99-14:
  • Linear orbits of arbitrary plane curves,

    P. Aluffi, C. Faber, 33 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-13:
  • L^s(\mu)-Averaging Domains,

    S. Ding, Craig Nolder, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-12:
  • Hardy-Littlewood Theorems for A-Harmonic Tensors,

    Craig Nolder, 17 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-11:
  • Global Integrability Theorems for A-Harmonic Tensors,

    Craig Nolder, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-10:
  • An L^p Definition of Interpolating Blaschke Products,

    Craig Nolder, 9 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU99-09:
  • Gauge theoretic invariants of Dehn surgeries on knots,

    H. U. Boden, C. M. Herald, P. A. Kirk, E. P. Klassen, 63 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-08:
  • Global uniformly convergent finite element methods for singularly perturbed elliptic boundary value problems:higher-order elements,

    Jichun Li, I. M. Navon, 20 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU99-07:
  • Plane curves with small linear orbits II,

    P. Aluffi, C. Faber 16 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-06:
  • Optimality of 4D-Var and its relationship with the Kalman filter and Kalman smoother,

    Zhijin Li, I. M. Navon, 42 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU99-05:
  • Quasi-conformally flat mapping the human cerebellum,

    M. K. Hurdal, P. L. Bowers, K. Stephenson, D. W. L. Summers, K. Rehm, K. Shaper, D. A. Rottenberg, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU99-04:
  • Differential forms with logarithmic poles and Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes of singular varieties,

    P. Aluffi, 6 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU99-03:
  • The Big Mother of All the Dualities: Moeller Algorithm,

    M.E. Alonso, T. Mora, 17 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-02:
  • On associated graded rings of normal ideals,

    S. Huckaba, T. Marley, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-01:
  • Plumbing Graphs for Normal Surface-Curve Pairs,

    E. Hironaka, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU98-26:
  • Documentation of the Multitasked Tangent Linear and Adjoint Models of the Adiabatic Version of the NASA GEOS-2 GCM (Version 6.5),

    Yan Yang, I. M. Navon, Ricardo Todling, 40 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-25:
  • Performance of 4D-Var strategies using the FSU Global Spectral Model with its full physics adjoint,

    Zhijin Li, I. M. Navon, 51 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU98-24:
  • Weighted Chern-Mather classes and Milnor classes of hypersurfaces,

    P. Aluffi, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-23:
  • Performance of efficient Minimization algorithms as Applied to Models of Peptides and Proteins,

    C. Baysal, H. Meirovitch, I. M. Navon, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-22:
  • The Arithmetic and Geometry of Salem numbers,

    Eknath Ghate, E. Hironaka, 24 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-21:
  • The Lehmer Polynomial and Pretzel Knots,

    E. Hironaka, 13 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-20:
  • Irregular Period Tripling bifurcations in axisymmetric scalefree potentials,

    B. Terzic, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-19:
  • Bifurcations of periodic orbits in axisymmetric scalefree potentials,

    C. Hunter, B. Terzic, A. Burns, D. Porchia, C. Zink, 31 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-18:
  • Real structures of Teichmüller spaces, Dehn twists, and moduli spaces of real curves,

    P. Buser, Mika Seppälä, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-17:
  • Study of Block Onset Using Sensitivity Perturbations in Climatological Flows,

    Zhijin Li , Albert Barcilon, I. M. Navon, 43 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-16:
  • Normal Ideals in Regular Rings,

    Sam Huckaba, Craig Huneke, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-15:
  • Impact of parameter estimation on the performance of the FSU Global Spectral Model using its full physics adjoint,

    Zhu Yanqiu, I. M. Navon, 58 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-14:
  • Sensitivity to large-scale environmental fields of the relaxed Arakawa-Schubert parameterization in the NASA GEOS-1 GCM,

    Yan Yang, I. M. Navon, Ricardo Todling, Weiyu Yang, 37 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-13:
  • A Global Uniformly Convergent Finite Element Method for a Quasilinear Singularly Perturbed Elliptic Problem,

    Jichun Li, I. M. Navon, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-12:
  • FSU-GSM Forecast Error Sensitivity to Initial Conditions: Application to Indian Summer Monsoon,

    Yanqiu Zhu, I. M. Navon, 28 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU98-11:
  • Plane curves with small linear orbits I,

    P. Aluffi, C. Faber, 34 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU98-10:
  • Fast algorithms for generating Delauney interpolation elements for domain decomposition,

    P. Bowers, W. Dietz, S. Keeling, 25 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-09:
  • Finite Singularities and Hypergeometric Solutions of Linear Recurrence Equations,

    Mark van Hoeij, 13 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-08:
  • Convolution with measures on polynomial curves,

    D. Oberlin, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-07:
  • An estimate for a restricted x-ray transform,

    D. Oberlin, 5 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-06:
  • A Bessel function multiplier,

    D. Oberlin, H. Smith, 5 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-05:
  • On the Strategic Stability of Mutual Monitoring: Implications for Cooperative Wildlife Management Programs in Africa,

    M. Mesterton-Gibbons, E. J. Milner-Gulland, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-04:
  • On the embedding of a commutative ring in a local ring,

    R. Gilmer, W. Heinzer, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-03:
  • Prime ideals of finite height in polynomial rings,

    R. Gilmer, W. Heinzer, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-02:
  • Rational Solutions of Linear Difference Equations,

    Mark van Hoeij, 5 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-01:
  • Liouvillian solutions of linear differential equations of order three and higher,

    Mark van Hoeij, J.-F. Ragot, F. Ulmer, J.-A. Weil, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-24:
  • Uniformizing dessins and Belyi maps via circle packing,

    P. Bowers, K. Stephenson, 64 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-23:
  • Boundary manifolds of line arrangements,

    E. Hironaka, 17 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-22:
  • Hurwitz Spaces and Braid Group Representations,

    E. Klassen, Y. Kopeliovich, 17 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU97-21:
  • Characteristic classes of discriminants and enumerative geometry,

    P. Aluffi, 28 pages

  • [abs, ps, fig1, fig2, ref] FSU97-20:
  • Uniformly convergent finite element methods for singularly perturbed elliptic boundary value problems: convection-diffusion type,

    J. Li, I. M. Navon, 37 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-19:
  • A "regular" pentagonal tiling of the plane,

    P. Bowers, K. Stephenson, 30 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-18:
  • Riemann surfaces, plane algebraic curves and their period matrices,

    Patrizia Gianni, Mika Seppälä, Robert Silhol, and Barry Trager, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-17:
  • The Ideal of Polynomials Vanishing on a Commutative Ring,

    R. Gilmer, 3 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-16:
  • Uniformly convergent finite element methods for singularly perturbed elliptic boundary value problems I: reaction-diffusion type,

    J. Li, I. M. Navon, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-15:
  • Diamond lattice model of semicrystalline polyethylene in the amorphous region,

    Zhong-Hui Duan, L. Howard, 19 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-14:
  • Differential forms on modular curves H/Gamma(k),

    Y. Kopeliovich, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-13:
  • On Minimum Spanning Trees and Determinants,

    P. Wright, 13 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU97-12:
  • Counting and Constructing Minimal Spanning Trees,

    P. Wright, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-11:
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Outgoing Radiation at the Top of the Atmosphere in the NCEP/MRF Model,

    Z. Li, I. M. Navon, 32 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-10:
  • A New Hessian Preconditioning Method Applied to Variational Data Assimilation Experiments Using NASA GCM,

    W. Yang, I. M. Navon, P. Courtier, 47 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-09:
  • Applying modular towers to the Inverse Galois Problem,

    M. Fried, Y. Kopeliovich, 25 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-08:
  • Embeddings in generalized manifolds,

    J. Bryant, W. Mio, 17 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-07:
  • Application of a New Adjoint Newton Algorithm to the 3-D ARPS Storm Scale Model Using Simulated Data,

    Z. Wang, K.K. Droegemeier, L. White, I. M. Navon, 53 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-06:
  • A Convolution Estimate for a Measure on a Curve in R^4, II,

    D. Oberlin, 5 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-05:
  • An Application of the Resultant to Oscillatory Integrals with Polynomial Phase,

    D. Oberlin, 5 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-04:
  • A Convolution Estimate for a Measure on a Curve in R^4,

    D. Oberlin, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-03:
  • Analysis of the Turkel-Zwas scheme for the two-dimensional shallow water equations in spherical coordinates,

    B. Neta, F.X. Giraldo, I. M. Navon, 28 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU97-02:
  • Practical and Theoretical Aspect of Adjoint Parameter Estimation and Identifiability in Meteorology and Oceanography,

    I. M. Navon, 39 pages

  • [abs, ps, ps1, ps2, ps3, ref] FSU97-01:
  • Quantum cohomology at the Mittag-Leffler Institute,

    P. Aluffi (ed.), 151 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-11:
  • On associated graded rings having almost maximal depth,

    S. Huckaba, 9 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-10:
  • Negatively curved graph and planar metrics with applications to type,

    P. Bowers, 20 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-09:
  • On series of ordinals and combinatorics,

    J. Jones, H. Levitz, W. Nichols, 19 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-08:
  • The Grothendieck algebra of a Hopf algebra, I,

    W. Nichols, B. Richmond, 14 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-07:
  • On the curve X(9),

    Y. Kopeliovich, J. Quine, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-06:
  • A modified gambler's ruin model of polyethylene chains in the amorphous region,

    Zhong-Hui Duan, L. Howard, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-05:
  • Protein structural analysis from solid state NMR derived orientational constraints,

    T. Cross, M. Brenneman, J. Quine, 22 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU96-04:
  • Chern classes for singular hypersurfaces,

    P. Aluffi, 41 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-03:
  • Computing on Riemann Surfaces,

    P. Buser, M. Seppälä, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-02:
  • Every local ring is dominated by a one-dimensional local ring,

    R. Gilmer, W. Heinzer, 9 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU96-01:
  • On complete integral closure and Archimedean valuation domains,

    R. Gilmer, 5 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-15:
  • Zero-dimensional subrings of commutative rings,

    R. Gilmer, 12 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-14:
  • On the distribution of prime ideals within the ideal class group,

    R. Gilmer, W. Heinzer, W. W. Smith, 12 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-13:
  • Bending Waves in Flattened Stellar Systems,

    C. Hunter, 19 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-12:
  • Numerical uniformization of hyperelliptic curves,

    K.-D. Semmler, M. Seppälä, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-11:
  • Triangulations and moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces with group actions,

    P. Buser, M. Seppälä, R. Silhol, 16 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-10:
  • Extremal Symplectic Lattices,

    J. Quine, P. Zhang, 13 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU95-09:
  • A remark on the Chern class of a tensor product,

    P. Aluffi, C. Faber, 1 page

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-08:
  • Hilbert coefficients and the depths of associated graded rings,

    S. Huckaba, T. Marley, 14 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-07:
  • Degrees of Generators of Ideals Defining Subschemes of Projective Space,

    H. Martin, J. Migliore, S. Nollet, 27 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-06:
  • Infinite products of zero-dimensional commutative rings,

    R. Gilmer, W. Heinzer, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-05:
  • Averages over surfaces with infinitely flat points,

    J.G. Bak, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-04:
  • Jacobian of the Picard curve,

    J. Quine, 12 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-03:
  • A test for admissibility for two-dimensional, continuous fields on planar surfaces,

    W. Heil, 4 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU95-02:
  • Whose responsibility? (Preparation for College teaching),

    B.A. Case, 3 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU95-01:
  • Axisymmetric galaxy models with central black holes, With An Application To M32,

    E.E. Qian, P.T. de Zeeuw, R.P. van der Marel, C.Hunter, 22 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-17:
  • Systoles of two extremal Riemann surfaces,

    J. Quine, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-16:
  • The Grothendieck group of a Hopf algebra,

    W. Nichols, B. Richmond, 14 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-15:
  • Topology of homology manifolds,

    J. Bryant, S. Ferry, W. Mio, S. Weinberger, 33 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-14:
  • A branched Andreev-Thurston theorem for circle packings of the sphere,

    P. Bowers, K. Stephenson, 39 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-13:
  • Fixed points in boundaries of negatively curved groups,

    P. Bowers, K. Ruane, 4 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-12:
  • Boundaries of nonpositively curved groups of the form GxZ^n,

    P. Bowers, K. Ruane, 22 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-11:
  • Residue fields of zero-dimensional rings,

    R. Gilmer, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-10:
  • Zero-dimensionality and products of commutative rings,

    R. Gilmer, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-09:
  • Zero-Dimensional extension rings and subrings,

    R. Gilmer, 13 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-08:
  • Homomorphic images of an infinite product of zero-dimensional rings,

    R. Gilmer, W. Heinzer, 13 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-07:
  • Submodules of the deficiency modules and an extension of Dubreil's theorem,

    H. Martin, J. Migliore, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-06:
  • A d-dimensional extension of a lemma of Huneke's and formulas for the Hilbert coefficients,

    S. Huckaba, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-05:
  • Reduction numbers, Rees algebras, and Pfaffian ideals,

    I. Aberbach, S. Huckaba, C. Huneke, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU94-04:
  • Reduction number bounds on analytic deviation 2 ideals and Cohen-Macaulayness of associated graded rings,

    I. Aberbach, S. Huckaba, 24 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU94-03:
  • MacPherson's and Fulton's Chern classes of hypersurfaces,

    P. Aluffi, 9 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU94-02:
  • Singular schemes of hypersurfaces,

    P. Aluffi, 24 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU94-01:
  • A blow-up construction and graph coloring,

    P. Aluffi, 22 pages

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