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All students preparing to take their first math course at FSU should consult their own academic advisor prior to registration for proper course placement. See also the FSU Undegraduate Bulletin for Mathematics.

Math or actuarial science majors, or others who need who need assistance with math courses, may contact the math advisors or make an appointment with them, either in person or online. The advisors are listed on the FSU Advisor Search page. For online appointments (FSU students only), just log in to myFSU.edu and click on the Campus Connect icon at the top.

Because the advisors are usually in meetings with students, they will not be able to advise you over the phone. If you email, due to large email volume there may be a significant delay before the advisor can reply. Please consult the links below in case your question is already answered here.

Note: students taking their first math class at FSU may be required to take the ALEKS placement test prior to registering. For further information about ALEKS, please see the FSU ALEKS placement test page.