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2022-23 Mathematics Colloquium

Time and Place: Fridays 3:05-3:55 pm in Room 101, Love Building or Zoom

Zoom link for virtual talks (password can be provided upon request to any faculty).

For details, click on the name of the speaker. ( * indicates special day, time, or place.)

Click here for the schedule of previous editions of the FSU Math Colloquium.

Fall 2022

Date Speaker (Virtual/In person, Host) Affiliation
08/26/2022 Postdocs Flash Talks (Farhat) FSU
09/02/2022 Marcos Rigol (Musslimani) Pennsylvania State University
09/09/2022 TBA (TBA) TBA
09/16/2022 Bernard Fendler (Bertram) Foundation Medicine, Inc.
09/23/2022 Sara Pollock (Lee) University of Florida
10/07/2022 Mete Soner (FSU Mathematics Distinguished Lecture) Princeton University
10/14/2022 Dongbin Xiu (Bao) Ohio State University
10/22-23/2022 FSU Quant Symposium FSU
10/28/2022 Habib Najm (Bao) Sandia National Labs
11/04/2022 Amarjit Budhiraja (Zhu) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
11/18/2022 Hakima Bessaih (Farhat) FIU
12/02/2022 Igor Kukavica (Ozanski) University of Southern California

Spring 2023

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
01/06/2023 Reserved(Mio) TBA
01/13/2023 Reserved(Mio) TBA
01/20/2023 Reserved(Mio) TBA
01/27/2023 Reserved(Mio) TBA
02/03/2023 Reserved(Mio) TBA
02/10/2023 Reserved(Mio) TBA
02/17/2023 Reserved(Mio) TBA
02/24/2023 TBA (TBA) TBA
03/03/2023 TBA (TBA) TBA
03/10/2023 TBA (TBA) TBA
03/24/2023 TBA (TBA) TBA
03/31/2023 Jean Pierre Fouque (Kercheval) UCSB
04/07/2023 Graduate Student Flash Talks (Grad. Student Council) FSU
04/14/2023 Math Honors Day (Hurdal) FSU
04/21/2023 Lisa Fauci (Tam Family Colloquium) Tulane University
04/28/2023 Abba Gumel (Karamched) Arizona State University

Guidelines for Speakers in the FSU Math Colloquium