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2020-21 Mathematics Colloquium

Time and Place: Fridays 3:35-4:25 pm on Zoom

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Fall 2020

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
09/04/2020 Emily Riehl (Aldrovandi) Johns Hopkins University
09/18/2020 Jan Obloj (Ekren) University of Oxford
09/25/2020 Martin Rumpf (Bauer) University of Bonn
10/02/2020 Ivan P. Yamshchikov (Kercheval) Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
10/16/2020 Pooja Rao (Farhat) Stony Brook University
10/23/2020 Chris Marx (Farhat) Oberlin College
10/30/2020 Ken Ribet (Agashe) UC Berkeley
11/06/2020 Blocked
11/13/2020 Anna Wienhard (Casella) University of Heidelberg
11/20/2020 Josef Teichmann (Ekren) ETH Zurich

Spring 2021

Guidelines for Speakers in the FSU Math Colloquium