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Math Department Mail Settings for External Email Clients

Graduate Student Email

Most graduate students forward their username@math.fsu.edu email to their FSUID@my.fsu.edu student email address. New graduate students are set up that way by default. The settings below will not work if email is being forwarded to another address. If you are a Math graduate student, please email root@math.fsu.edu for help with your email setup.

Basic Settings for External Email Clients

Many email clients can detect some settings automatically. As a result, you probably won't have to perform every setting described below. In particular, the encryption details are often auto-detected. Just be sure to pick POP as the account type, and turn on secure connections (encryption).

Your incoming and outgoing email server should both be set to:


For your incoming mail, select POP and set server to mail.math.fsu.edu. If there is a setting for "always use secure connection, or "always use encryption", choose it. If you are asked, set encryption (SSL prefered), and set port to 995.

For your outgoing mail (SMTP), set server to mail.math.fsu.edu and select password authentication (often with a checkbox). If you are asked, set encryption (TLS prefered) and set port to 587.

If you have trouble with your settings, try looking at the settings screens from Thunderbird and Apple Mail using the icons below. Many email programs have similar looking settings screens.

ThunderbirdApple MailEudoraEntourage
ThunderbirdApple MailEudora for PCEntourage