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Undergraduate Math Society Organizing Members 2012-2013

The Florida State University Math Society was first organized in the spring semester of 2012, after then-junior Jaclyn Adelson and senior Johnny Petit renewed interest in the long-dormant math club, which had been inactive for several years. Combining with the organizers of the Undergraduate Math Seminar, then-juniors Ryan Ehresman and Lawrence Dunn, several undergraduates came together to draft plans and a mission statement for the new organization. The first elections were held for the executive board of the 2012-2013 school year, and Dr. Klassen was selected as the society's faculty mentor. In the fall semester of 2012, the FSU Math Society became a Recognized Student Organization dedicated to uniting the mathematics community of Florida State University.

The society's first members shared the ambitious plan of inspiring a sense of community for FSU undergraduates with interests in mathematics. Membership attracted students from diverse backgrounds from both within and outside of the Department of Mathematics, including students from the Department of Physics and the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.

The organization's bi-weekly meetings have ranged from movie nights to academic lectures, all related to mathematics and its applications. With generous assistance from the FSU faculty, the Math Society has had great success in organizing interesting events for undergraduates. When members became interested in exploring career options, Dr. Bellenot volunteered for a Q&A session about careers in mathematics. In April 2013, recognized by the AMS as Mathematics Awareness Month, Dr. Dean Grubbs of the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory discussed the use of mathematical models in his work on fish populations. At the end of the 2013 spring semester, after much anticipation, mathematics Ph.D. student Ralph Wilson gave an exciting lecture about his research in chaos theory, which even attracted students without backgrounds in mathematics.

The Math Society has also been very successful in fostering a social network for undergraduates. Using the club's meetings and Facebook page for communication, motivated undergraduates have organized study groups and other meet-ups. These activities serve to create an atmosphere of friendship and academic dedication at FSU. In this manner, the FSU Math Society continues to accomplish its primary goal of bringing together like-minded undergraduates as friends and students.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fsumathsociety/